Airbase airbrush make up

Airbase  is one of the best airbrush make up on the market.hilarys-wedlocks is a supplier and has a certificate in the relevant training

If you are thinking of having your make up done for your wedding or prom or photograph

look no further than the long lasting airbrush make up


because airbrush make up is durable,has a natural finish, luxurious feel and photographs beautifully. heat and water resistant for those wedding tears! (used in tv filming) and flawless. Just what you need for your special occasion


The foundation is like no other and the colour you require can be mixed specifically to your skin tone it is easy to blend.

It is applied in millions of molecules atomised  this gives a very natural coverage but enough to cover any blemishes but non clogging,and great for layering.

Because of the way the makeup is applied it is hygienic airbrushing is he preferred method of the application for the campaign for safe beauty. Airbrushing is a hygienic application with minimal touching of the skin reducing the risk of cross contamination

Airbrush is brilliant for all skin types , once applied for get about touching it all day just top up your lippy!!