Bridal hair Coach

Every year I am bowled over by  the number of brides I style, but equally so, how many I have to turn down. There is definitely room for more high quality bridal,event hair stylists.

I have been styling brides from all over the world, visited some stunning venues,and made some amazing contacts in the 10 years that I have been trading as Hilarys- wedlocks.Just last week I recieved a call from a agency to do a top class hair and make up shoot for the daily mail.

My portfolio showcases top quality, inspirational , individual styling.. Creativity, a wonderful journey, and now I would love to share this with you……..

So with this in mind I have created bridal hair coaching either  in your salon or individual one to one coaching.

If you are reading this,my guess is that you also have a passion for styling brides, event styling, maybe you have a talent and not sure where to take it to the next level.Talk to me, I can help you as a bridal business mentor sharing everything I have learned in this industry, encouraging you, supporting you.


I have a massive passion for the work I do, I love the creativity, the challenge that every style brings. No matter how much experience you have styling Brides  it will always take you out of your comfort zone, because this is a one day only for your client! And you have to deliver because how they look and feel will be in their wedding album forever.


My love is the classic styles with a modern twist. I also adore styling that   “I want something different”

I will share with you everything I know, tricks, hints, tips, all that have been tried and tested.


I would love to share my passion for bridal styling with you, helping you to gain the confidence to become a confident bridal stylist. Wether you are a salon or individual I can put a package together for you.


What makes me different from other bridal training ?

. Masterclass

. Actively still working in the industry ( styling 100,s of brides from all over the world)

. Always keeping up to date

. Available to visit your salon

.Adapt styles to suit face shapes

. individual workshops

. Build the correct foundation for lasting styles

.reference leaflets , so you can recreate step by step.



What will you achieve ?


.Team building

.More  revenue


.On going training support